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Investing in the 
future of health

We work with early-stage companies aiming to solve some of the most complex challenges and inefficiencies in healthcare.
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Eko Labs

Detect heart and lung diseases earlier to improve outcomes and save lives

Embr Wave

Menopause relief that's backed by science and personalized for users

Embr Wave

Menopause relief that's backed by science and personalized for users


Transforming the way clinicians approach the treatment of heart disease
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Partnering with innovative founders and leaders driving change across healthcare and life sciences through technology and meaningful data

Early investors in transformational technologies

We invest in digital health companies at the inflection point of revolutionizing healthcare and improving patient outcomes through innovative cutting-edge technology solutions.

Our strategy

Personalized medicine

We are moving away from a “one-size-fits-all” mentality of treating and managing diseases to a more personalized definition of health. Integrating such informations as biometric signals and “omics” data, we generate insights that allow us to tailor treatment and prevention to each individual patient.

Data analytics

We are capturing vast amounts of healthcare data on both individuals and populations. We want to place big bets on solutions that can generate meaningful data, intelligently analyze and demonstrate competitive insights to improve patient and population outcomes.

Digital therapeutics

Evidence-based and clinically validated digital interventions can improve outcomes for patients by managing or preventing a disease, optimizing medication, or directly treating a disease. We foresee a future where software will be routinely prescribed to treat patients with acute and chronic conditions.
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We invest in companies dedicated to enhancing patient lives

Our investments target data-driven technologies that leverage proprietary data or intelligent use of public data to generate competitive insights and improve patient outcomes.

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About us

DigiTx Partners is a venture capital firm that invests in and supports early-stage companies in the digital health space. Launched in 2016, DigiTx Partners remains one of the few venture funds exclusively dedicated to the digital health space. We back innovative founders and leaders who are driving change across healthcare and life sciences ​through technology and meaningful data

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