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We invest in data-as-fuel to generate intelligence and drive capital-efficient growth

Our investment strategy

We leverage our deep industry expertise and extensive network to identify and support digital health companies with high growth potential, disruptive technologies, and a clear vision for transforming the future of healthcare.

Active investors
We are operators-turned-investors who provide strategic and operational support to drive outsized value
Investing early in success
We maintain steadfast support to enable long-term success and sustainable growth.
Clinical knowledge
We have a deep understanding of treatment paradigms to identify areas of medical research and innovation.
Commercial strategy
We have a demonstrated expertise in digital health commercialization and growth strategy, helping our portfolio companies navigate a complex healthcare ecosystem.

How we think about data

We understand the power of data and its profound impact on healthcare. We seek companies that have the ability to generate proprietary datasets and employ advanced analytics to drive patient outcomes.

Generating data
Data-driven technologies that leverage proprietary data or intelligent use of public data
Taking inferences
Advanced analytics and algorithms to generate competitive insights and unlock clinical value
Efficiency in data
Translating insights into 
just-in-time interventions

Our interests

medical devices

We recognize the potential of non-invasive medical devices in revolutionizing patient care by providing accurate diagnostics, continuous monitoring, and personalized treatment options while minimizing the need for invasive procedures.

Software solutions

We recognize the need for regulated and unregulated software solutions, whether patient-facing or clinician-facing, that exhibit exceptional potential in driving innovation, improving healthcare delivery, and enhancing the overall patient and clinician experience.

Commercialization strategy

We deploy a deep understanding of the broader healthcare industry relationships to understand and appeal to multiple audiences across all stages of commercialization. We recognize gaps in existing workflows, and strive to connect healthcare providers with superior solutions.

Health plans & employers
We invest in companies that provide innovative solutions to health plans and employers, aimed at reducing their cost burden while simultaneously enhancing employee or member health.
Health systems
We believe in efficient solutions to common healthcare system issues, allowing for superior patient care and reductions in physician burnout.
We recognize the value of solutions for biopharma to advance drug discovery, elevate patient engagement, and refine clinical trial design.
Consumers / patients
We connect patients and consumers with platforms that offer personalized, high-touch, interventions as alternatives to existing methods of treatment.